Indian Femdom

Indian Group Wax Play
These six little Indian girls have done things to make the mistresses mad, and must be punished. At the hands of two very capable and tough female Doms, the girls take a variety of spankings, with hands, switches, paddles, canes, and straps. The tears fall as freely as the blows. Pain is mandatory in this…

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Wax Me
HOT WAX ALERT! A young Indian lovely coats her body in drips of hot wax and laughs as she does it! An assistant covers the back of her body in long, hot drips of wax. She masturbates with two candles, one of them lighted! She really gets off on the pink twisted spiral candle and you can see that this candle-freak really made herself wet…

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Koena Domination
We don’t know what these two little Indian girls did to deserve all this, but it must have been bad! The first is paraded around and treated as a submissive should. Collared and made to walk around on all fours, before clothespins are snapped into place around her tits and arms. The second doesn’t get off any luckier…

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Nurse Canning
You’d better follow your doctor’s instructions, take your vitamins and good care of yourself, because if you don’t, the nurse will get you. Here’s an addition to our Curry Kink in this one a girl comes in for what should be a check-up, but she hasn’t been following directions. She will be punished…

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